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Notice of Approval for First-Class Marketing License for Medical Devices

With the acquisition of the First-Class Marketing License for Medical Devices, MBL will be able to market highly controlled medical devices, including genetic testing systems using NGS.

Launch of a New Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer “iStar500”

The iStar is a highly automated mono-test analyzer based on CLIA technology. The compact & integrated design, combined with highly sensitive CLIA technology, makes it an ideal choice for emergency ...

MEBGEN™ BRAF 3 Kit Receives MHLW Approval and Insurance Coverage as a Tumor Agnostic Companion Diagnostic

With MHLW approval and insurance coverage, the MEBGEN™ BRAF 3 Kit is expected to support personalized medicine based on its ability to detect the presence or absence of BRAF gene mutations in rare ...